Sri Lanka & Indian Ocean


Rich in culture and natural beauty...

Sri Lanka

Known as the “teardrop island”, rich in culture, ancient treasures and historic monuments. The island offers a diverse landscape, golden sandy beaches, sleepy villages, busy cities and temples galore.

This nation of friendly people, welcome visitors to their island with open arms. Sri Lanka is best explored with a private car and driver. There is much to do and the island can easily occupy the tourist as a single destination or combined as a twin centre, especially when combined with an Indian Ocean hideaway for complete and utter relaxation.

Sri Lanka


Indian Ocean

The Maldives, a myriad of little islands, that for many, conjure up a picture of paradise. Robinson Crusoe style barefoot luxury. Crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean and brilliant blue lagoons with resorts surrounded by coral reefs.

A divers paradise with amazing marine wildlife is hidden beneath the surface of the warm waters of the ocean. Beautiful 5* hotels await, eager to please your every whim. Over the water villas are available in many of the resorts and complete this luxury experience.

Mauritius, another dream destination for many and a honeymooners paradise. Offering year round sunshine, fantastic water-sports and with so many white powdery beaches, you will be spoilt for choice. Mark Twain once remarked that God modelled heaven on Mauritius and we have to agree.

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The Seychelles, with its lush forest, dazzling white beaches and warm tropical climate ensure visitors return to the islands again and again. Each of the many islands are unique and are best explored individually on an island hopping holiday. Three of the most popular islands to visit are Mahe, the largest of the 114 islands, followed by Praslin and either La Digue or Denis Island, home to many seabirds and fauna. There is definitely more to the Seychelles than just the beautiful beaches.